Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is It Time?

Spring is here, finally. For a few days we skipped over spring and headed straight for summer. But now we are safely back in spring. The barn is overfull of sheep. The cows are nibbling the sacrifice pasture they've wintered in to death. (A sacrifice pasture is one that will be tilled up and planted to something else, so you don't really care that it gets overgrazed and ruined.)

Speaking of ruined, we like to give the pastures a head-start on the animals. Spring growth is phenomenal, but the pastures have to be to a certain stage before you turn the animals loose on them, or they will be stunted for the season. 

This pasture is not ready yet. 

This pasture is getting close.

We will let the sheep out this Friday, April 29, at 4:30 pm. If you'd like to stop out and watch this annual rite of spring, feel free to come. We are at 13275 Blair Street in Holland, Michigan.

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  1. I have a sacrificial pasture this year, too, Lona! Sheep are just going into a fresh pasture this weekend, a bit behind because we're putting up new fence. Always so good to read your blog ;)


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