Wednesday, August 17, 2016

To Market We Go

The bean harvest of 2014 was not great. So last summer we rotated between three farmers markets, and didn't have too much trouble moving the small quantity of beans we needed to market.

The bean harvest of last fall, however, was much better. We continued to rotate between three markets all winter long (some of them outside!). But early this summer, we realized that we needed to work a little harder to move all these beans. We added two new markets to the mix, and now we need a Franklin Planner (an old-fashioned kind of scheduling app that uses paper and a pen) to keep us knowing where we are coming or going.

With the great help of our parents, we cover five markets. The Holland market is an every Saturday market. The Fulton Street market (GR) is an every other Saturday market, as is Sweetwater Local Foods market in Norton Shores. New to the mix this year are Kalamazoo (every other Saturday) and South Haven (as often as we can get there--generally every other Saturday and most Wednesdays).

To help our customers know where we will be any given Saturday, we've joined a program called FarmFan. Customers can sign up to get a text message each week, telling them which markets we will be attending. If you're interested, you can sign up here.

In addition to our certified organic dry beans, we sell wool roving and yarn, as well as other wool products from our farm. Stop by one of our stalls on Saturday and say hi!

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