Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Spring Swarm

A friend reminded me that I have a blog. There is so much other busyness to take up my time that I find it difficult to take photos, upload photos, edit photos, download photos, and then find words to put with them.

But if I think I am busy, The Farmer is even more so. Spring tillage has started--we have the oats and the hay planted, and he is working the ground for corn and beans. Our parents are busy with other things around the farm--groundskeeping, gardening, cleaning dry beans for sale, fixing things that break, etc.

The other day The Farmer was out in the field in his tractor and saw something strange on a fencepost. It seemed to be moving. When he got closer, he saw this:

Sometimes bees will swarm, following a queen to find a new place. I am not an expert on bee activity, but we do know who to call when we see a swarm. A couple of beekeeping friends came out right away. It's a little like being called to a fire--if you stop to finish what you're doing, you'll miss all the fun.

They were able to coax the swarm into one of their boxes, and take them home.

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  1. It's the same here, Lona, made even more challenging by frustratingly s-l-o-w internet speeds ;/ And yet, I love catching up on blogs and was very glad to see your posts. And how lucky to find a swarm of bees! Hope you are well ;)


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