Thursday, March 29, 2018

Before, During and After -- Shearing Day

This year's Shearing Day was warmer than usual. And, thanks to a dry spell, there was no MUD! What a gift. Just over 500 people attended our Shearing Day this year, and I think most of them had a good time. 

Here are some of the ewes before shearing. Sometimes I ask the kids what it would feel like to wear the same clothes for a whole year without washing them. The outside of the fleece is fairly dirty, but the inside is very nice and clean!

Our shearer worked alone this year, and did a great job. Timothy has a strong back and his own shearing equipment. We hire him to do our shearing, and he travels all over the state of Michigan to shear on a regular basis. He is an award-winning shearer (did you know there are sheep-shearing competitions in many places in the world?) and has traveled internationally to compete and to shear sheep. Want to see the world? Become a sheep shearer.

Our capable skirting crew sorted off the wool that was extra dirty or full of hay, and the rest went into a large bag to be processed or sold. 

 A few lucky lambs got extra attention from obliging kids.

After shearing, many of the ewes headed outside for a meal and some sunshine.

Thanks again to all who helped our Shearing Day go smoothly, and to all who visited!

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