Saturday, March 31, 2018

Inside the Shop

In preparation for Shearing Day, we set the shop up to house all our products and 3-5 demonstrators. This year we had people demonstrating needle felting, spinning and sock knitting. Most of the 500 visitors who came also took the time to walk down the driveway to the shop to see the demonstrators and the wool (and other farm) products we have for sale. 

This barn was the original chicken coop on the farm, and a few years ago we took the flat roof off and built a second story on top. You can read more about that process by clicking here for all the "barn renovation" posts. 

We sell roving and combed top for needle felters and spinners. Many spinners have not had the opportunity to spin the wool from Polypay sheep. They are pleasantly surprised at the loft and sheen in our wool.

Our unique wool socks are popular to give as gifts, and are a full-circle "Made in Michigan" product. We care for the sheep, send the wool to a Michigan mill to be made into yarn, dye the yarn ourselves, and knit the socks one pair at a time back here on the farm. 

We also have yarns for knitting, wool dryer balls, handwoven rag rugs, our beans and corn products, and more. While it's a smaller set-up than on Shearing Day, you can still find all these wonderful products available on the farm. Our shop is open from 1-4 pm each Wednesday and Friday. Take a drive out one of these afternoons, and stock up on good things fresh from the farm. We are located at 13275 Blair Street in Holland, Michigan.

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