Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Planting Oats

This morning it is raining. We are glad for that, as it's been a bit dry lately. But that was good, too, because it allowed us to get the oats planted on time for the first time in several years. We worked the sand field that had beans in it last year several times over a two-week period in preparation for planting. 

This is the "new" tractor we purchased last year. We sold two of our older tractors that were pretty tired in order to be able to buy this one. 

Oats are drilled into the ground using the implement behind the tractor. Hopefully, the oats will come up thick and in very narrow rows that will eventually blanket the field. We harvest the oats to use as a feed for some of the ewes when they are in the late stages of pregnancy and sometimes during lactation.

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